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To get your hen party booking rolling, or if you have any questions, please fill in the following form and we will get straight back to you. A phone number of a representative will be given upon request once your party is booked. Parties are only confirmed as booked once deposit is paid, we do this via Paypal payment request system (email).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Parties cannot be booked without a deposit a month in advance (or as early as possible).  This is to secure your venue for the date and time you have requested.
Thankfully our deposit is also low - just £50.  Deposits are non-refundable, no matter what the circumstances.
Once the dates, times and instructor availibility has all been agreed and you are ready to pay your deposit, we will send you a payment request via Paypal to your email address.
It doesn't matter, you may use any credit or debit card to pay it with, Paypal just acts as the lady at the checkout on our behalf, you don't need to register with them and create an account if you don't want to.
The remaining balance for your final head count needs to be paid two weeks before the party date and cannot be refunded.  You can always add a few more people to your party right up until the day, but not less (providing your group number does not exceed the maximum of 20).  Minimum party number is six people to cover our costs.
Yes, but only if the cancellation was made at least two weeks before the day.  No refunds are given with less than two weeks notice period of the event, and with cancellations before that threshold, a partial refund can be given - your deposit will not be refunded.
No, never.  And we don't pass them on either.
Yes, these extras can be paid for via the Paypal payment request system as before.
We cannot refund drop-outs.
You can choose to pay for 8 places, even if only 4 are taken and we will still honour your party..
Yes, as long as they are not alcoholic.  Strictly no alcohol consumption before or during our activity parties (Pole Dancing and Burlesque), unless of course you choose the Cocktail Masterclass Party - where we would encourage it!
Not before or during our activity parties (Pole Dancing and Burlesque).  From a health and safety perspective, we are seriously strict about this, if anyone comes in with alcohol, or is believed to be under the influence of alcohol your whole party will be cancelled by your instructor on the spot, you will be asked to leave and there will be no refund given. Of course the Cocktail Masterclass Party is different, you are welcome to drink alcohol at these parties.
Yes by all means.  We will even set up some group shots or individual poses and take the pictures for you.
Yes of course, but we would like to ask if you would please Tag us in these photos.  However if your shots include your instructor, please obtain her permission to use her image first.  If the shots are just of your group then it's fine.
It is ok to film each other performing the routines you learn, however it is not ok to record the entire party content or practises.  Again, if your instructor features in your video, please obtain her permission to film or publish.
Not without your permission.  From time to time, we may ask you if it's ok to use one or two of your photos to decorate our website with or we may ask if it is ok to use them in our social media group picture album.  We may ask your permission to Tag ourselves in your pictures too.
The Paypal request for your final balance will be emailed to you around 3 weeks in advance of your party date. The payment is due 14 days before the event. We need this in a timely manner in order to pay various costs for your party, late payment may result in loss of venue or VIP table etc, so please pay on time. Excessively late payments are not tolerated and may result in a cancellation by ourselves, and your deposit will not be refunded.

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