Am I Too Old/Young For These Parties?

Because our parties are professionally choreographed, there are almost NO limitations.

You need to be at least 16 years old to participate, but there is no age limit, so long as you’re physically mobile – we will jam with you!

If you have minor physical limitations or ailments, please tell your instructor and she will allow for this!

If you have restricted mobility, or don’t like to bend the knees too much, or have trouble getting up off the floor, then our Burlesque parties may be better for you, rather than Pole.

Our instructors have a few routines that they can teach, all are adaptable to the various demands of your group.

The ‘Balloon Popping’ routine for example is less demanding than the chair routine – just let us know at the start of the sessions when you fill in the paperwork so that we can accommodate.