Can We Bring Our Own Drinks?

Non alcoholic ones – Yes!  (But no glass bottles in the studio please).

Alcohol however, in a word… NO.

Strictly no alcohol consumption is allowed before or during our activity parties as it is not only dangerous and irresponsible, but it voids our insurance policies (and the venue’s) too, putting everybody at risk.

We have to be very strict about this.  If anyone is thought to be under the influence when you arrive, or if people start drinking alcohol during the session, your party will be terminated, you will be asked to leave, and no refunds will be given.  Ouch!

However it IS a Hen Party, and this is why we send you straight to Vodka Revolution afterwards and even buy you a couple of drinks!

You are of course allowed to drink your own Champagne (or tipple of choice) immediately AFTER the activity part is over.  Or feel free to visit the Hotel’s very swanky little bar whilst you’re here!