Feather boas at the ready girls… enjoy a Burlesque hen party in Chester with the city’s longest established pole studios

A Burlesque dance party with Candy & Chrome is the perfect way to get your hen party or birthday started. Based at our well-established pole dance school in Chester, our highly experienced professionals can really show you and your girls how to discover your inner diva before you hit the town.



  • Arrive at our venue in the city centre, you will find plenty of parking next door at the market. Parking there is cheap, and after 3pm it’s FREE.
  • Make your way to the dance studio, where you will find our friendly instructor waiting to greet you.
  • Your instructor will introduce herself, ask you some basic health questions, issue you a quick form to fill in and direct you to the changing rooms.
  • When your group is changed and ready, your instructor will turn up the noise and run you through a sexy warm up and some basic stretches.
  • You will then be shown a classic burlesque routine, which includes chair work. Your instructor will give you bite-sized pieces of a provocative, sexy yet tasteful and classic routine for you to copy, which will include removal of stockings, teasing of feather boa, and other props!
  • We will provide chairs, music, boas and other props, but YOU will need to bring your own stockings. Once we have taught the routine in full, we will drape you in feathers. Then, sporting your best classic pout, you will perform the routine as a group.
  • At the end we will position you all into some group poses (or individual shots as well if you like) and we will take your pictures for you, ready for your face book profiles!
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  • After a brief cool down, we will then give you directions to the bar/restaurant where you can reward yourselves with a big fat cocktail (on a buy one get one free deal!), a juicy 25% discount on mains menu food orders, and a free vodka shot each on us to get your evening started, all at your very own VIP table. The bar can be reached on foot easily.
  • If you would like to stay where you are then that’s fine, or if you want to explore Chester’s bars and clubs, we will give you wrist bands so you can return as much as you like for free.



Our Pole Dance & Burlesque Parties are held at the Candy & Chrome Pole Dance Studio, The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Trinity Street, Chester, CH1 2BD

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are served at Revolution Bar, 106-110 Foregate St, Chester CH1 1HD ‎


Go VIP clubbing at Cruise, 4 St John St, Cheshire, Chester CH1 1DA ‎


We are also very insured, very qualified and have long standing relationships with the best bars in Chester, which is why only WE can offer the exclusive deals you see on this website. We have everything you need to make a day/night to remember so… LET’S PARTY! (There are a few do’s and don’t’s with our hen parties, these can be found on our FAQ page along with out T&Cs. It is important that you read them).