5 Reasons Why…

Pole Dance makes for a great Hen Party!

A Pole Dance class should absolutely be at the top of your list of things to do.
I’m sure you’ll worry that it won’t be everyone’s glass of Prosecco, or that it will be too in appropriate for some people in your group.
But actually, a group pole dance class is one of THE top things to do as a hen party activity, it’s sure to make for one of your best nights to remember forever … and here’s just a few reasons why …

1. Pole Dance brings your group together!

With a lot of our hen parties, we find that not everyone within the group knows each other.

Pole dance is a great Ice Breaker activity to do in the day.
It’s a challenge that everyone in the group can get involved in, it highlights the different personalities, and encourages them to work together in a uniquely feminine, supportive and fun way.
There’s always a mix of loud & confident ones, and shy wall flower girls in the group.
As long as you walk in open minded and ready for a good time, an otherwise eclectic mix of strangers will quite quickly become a hysteric bunch of crazies, partners in crime, jeered up and ready to party!

2.  It’s fun!

It’s so sooooo fun!
You might worry that it could be really competitive… but it’s actually not.

Everyone gets the chance to steal a bit of limelight as you each take your turns to spin.
The loud girls get the ball rolling – These are the chicks that will jump straight in, want to go first every time, are the first to get wild and are unafraid to f*ck it all up – all in the name of good FUN!
The quieter shy types build momentum from the encouragement and support they get from the others until at last – their inner wild child comes out and is ready to play!
Getting cheered on by a total stranger, or a friend who wants to see you cut loose a bit – is the best confidence boost you can have, and a great way to get the shy girl to try something new, something a bit daring, something they ordinarily wouldn’t do.
It’s true what they say – it’s always ‘The Quiet One’s’ that you need to watch out for!

3. It actually IS for everyone!

You might think that pole dance is for someone younger, or fittie types, or for people brimming with confidence.
You’be wrong, so wrong!
After a decade of doing this sort of thing, we can honestly tell you that the older ladies are definitely the most wily – so don’t worry about your older generation ladies in the group – they are about to wipe the floor with you – trust me!
And the curvier ladies are the most sassy! We might need the wild girls to coax them into it – but once they’ve let go – they are the girls who really bring the sass!
Any decent pole instructor or school will be able to tailor a routine on the spot to cater for EVERYBODY in the group, so if you’re worried about any physical limitations, we can always alter things to make you feel safe and comfortable.

4. It’s only as inappropriate as you are!

Inappropriate behaviour is what it’s all about!
We won’t get you stripping naked, dancing on the tables, and drinking yourselves into a coma, but we don’t want you to behave in your every day straight laced way either.
Technically Pole Dance is supposed to be all about ‘The Sexy’, and we do fully embrace this – but for a Hen Party, we just don’t take it so seriously. Like at all.
So … dry humping the floor anyone? Gyrating around the pole? Throwing some comical
‘porno face’ every once in a while … all this we embrace … And like I said – it’ll most likely be your auntie Pat who’s first to hit the floor with the ill behaviour!
Imagine the photo’s!

5.  Music, Dancing & Laughter – it really is 2 hours of ‘Girls just wanna have fun’.

We DON’T WANT you to behave how you normally would in public. We DON’T WANT your telephone voice and sunny disposition.
We want you to misbehave, be silly, roll around on the floor laughing and mess about on the poles like children!
Be loud, cut loose, dance and have a laugh with your girls.

Ultimately – the bottom line is this – As long as The Hen is up for it and enjoying herself – the rest can swivel (or spin, as it were).

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