Chair Dance Hen Parties

Pull Up A Chair…

And let us show you HOW to really take a seat!

You bring the ladies, we’ll bring the chairs and it’s time for a dance off!  Chair dance is frisky, flirty and fun!

Using a simple everyday chair as your dance prop, we will show you a risque routine which you can perform for your girls, your (wo)man, or just for your fine self with something that’s feisty, feel good and fiercely feminine.

The perfect ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ day, that you can share with your private audience later at home.

Your epic Chair Dance Hen Party in Chester starts HERE!

If you are looking for something a  little different for your hen party or birthday party then look no further than a chair dance party with Candy & Chrome.  We are the city’s longest established pole studios, and infamous party gals!

If you have a date and time in mind for your party, simply get in touch with us and we will check our availability for your big day!  Once that’s confirmed and you’re happy, we will take a low deposit from you via the booking page and THAT’S IT! The party has started!

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You and your girls are in for a night to remember forever! (Even with an epic hangover!) – so come and dance with us!

Here’s a brief look at how it all goes down…

Your Day:

Make your way to the dance studio (venue details to be confirmed during booking as it’s dependant on needs & availability) , where you will find our friendly instructor waiting to greet you.

Your instructor will introduce herself, ask you some basic health questions, issue you a quick form to fill in and direct you to the changing rooms.
When your group is changed and ready, your instructor will turn up the noise and run you through a sexy warm up and some basic stretches.
You will then be shown some bite-sized pieces of a chair dance routine for you to copy, this will include some power poses, booty shakes, body waves, and goddess work.
We will show you how to use the chair as your dance prop to move around and dance on, in a fun, frisky and flirtatious way.

Once we have taught the routine in full, sporting your best show girl faces, you will perform the routine in teams for your audience!

At the end of the session, we will position you all into some group poses with the poles (or individual shots as well if you like) and we will take your pictures for you, ready for your Facebook profiles!

Parties last 1.5-2 hours.

Your Evening:

After a brief cool down, we will direct you to the bar/restaurant where you can reward yourselves with:

Free Shots

A round of flavoured vodka shots – on us!

Free Cocktails

A free cocktail – when you buy one. You buy one, we buy one!

This is only available on the first round though.

Your Night:

If you fancy hitting the town, then take a look at our offers page.

Here you will see that once again – we have done the hard work for you!  We have cruised (crawled around!) the town looking for the best hen party deals at all the best places, and uploaded them all to our handy dandy offers page for you to hand pick.

We’ve also made it easy for you to get in touch with the right people.

Hen night – SORTED!

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